All currently in-print BoL chapbooks & etc. are available for purchase from our Etsy shop. Most of the out of print and sold out chapbooks are available as free PDFs; see below.

–Joohyun Kim's As Rhizomes We Will Live One Million Years or More (2014)

–Lucas de Lima's Terraputa (2014)

–Kari Larsen’s Come as Your Madness (2013)

–Carrie Hunter’s Inversion Twilight (2013)

–Maia Elgin’s The Jennifer (2013)

–Andrea Quinlan’s The Mysteries of Laura (2013)

–Samantha Cohen’s Gossip (2013)

–JD Scott’s Funerals and Thrones (2013)

–Carina Finn‘s My Life is a Movie (2012)

–Megan Milks‘ TWINS (2012) (this will work best printed out, and then numbering each page -left side as one page, right side as another- b/c it is a choose-yr-own-adventure-style romp.)

They Really Want You (2011) (a limited-edition catalog for Matt Momchilov’s show of the same name at Unspeakable Projects. Features writing from Leon Baham, Kate Durbin, Ben Fama, Rohin Guha, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Niina Pollari and M. Kitchell as well as the artwork from the show)

–Jackie Wang‘s C. Exigua  (2011)

–Carrie Murphy’s Meet the Lavenders (2011)

–Christine Vi-Van Nguyen‘s blood and jasmine when i dreamed her  (2010)

–Kristina Marie Darling‘s broadside Footnotes to the History of a Victorian Novel (2010)

lyric sheet from Bangs of Hunger‘s CD for Finery #7 (2010)

–Niina Pollari‘s Fabulous Essential (2009)